Where to Stay in Digha

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07/01/2015 0 Comments

Digha - the name itself spells a magical retreat and gateway to souls seeking for some moments of fun, mirth and entertainment away from the cacophonous world. It is known as a place that is as much famous among the middle and lower middle class people as it is among the upper strata of the society. So, if you're wondering where to put yourself up comfortably, then this article may just be the one from you. From rooms as low as Rs.200 to as high as Rs. 5000 or above, you get almost everything in this quaint little beach town. 

Here's a little know how of the types of hotels or motels or guest houses available - 

1. If you're a family (or, group of families) travelling to Digha to spend some great "we" time, then you can go for the resorts in Digha. However, since they pinch your pocket quite hard, you may also go in for those budget family hotels in Digha. These hotels are just great enough and provide you with great comfort and a comfortable, if no luxurious, stay.

2. If you're a group of students or friends travelling with a limited budget, choose your hotels quite carefully. Instead of going for the inexpensive and cheap budget hotels, you may settle for the dormitories available almost at every good hotel across this town. These hotels are comfortable and safe though you won't get a direct sea view from the dorms.

3. If you've a very limited budget, then you may get better staying opportunities at the hotels in Old Digha than its newer counterpart. This is because the older town is a bit more populated and doesn't offer you solitude and peace at all. Besides, if you want to bathe in the sea, you will have to travel to New Digha. But that's very common and the view is also very scenic.

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