What to do in Digha: A Guide to the Weary Souls

09/12/2014 2 Comments

West Bengal is a treasure trove in terms of the natural bounties that she has to offer. From mountains and valleys to deltaic mangrove forests and beautiful beaches, you've got literally everything in Bengal. One such place which can never go wrong and can well be doubled up as a quiet, romantic gateway as well as a fun-filled weekend hangout zone is Digha.

Located in East Midnapore district of West Bengal, Digha offers innumerable recreational opportunities for the weary souls. If you're traveling there for the first time, here's a basic know how of how you can change this weekend trip into a relaxing and rejuvenating one. Here you go

1. While you're in Digha, don't forget to take a long walk amidst the great Casuarinas overlooking the beautiful Bay of Bengal. It's fun, romantic as well as refreshing.

2. If you love fish, then Digha is the place to gorge on some great seafood delicacies. All the restaurants of the Digha hotels offer you an array of seafood platters to choose from. Choose one and choose all, and make your stay a gastronomic one.

3. While you do have a great beach in New Digha where you can bathe, sip on coconut water and indulge yourself in beach sports of many kinds, there are many resorts in Digha which offer great water sports opportunities at their private beach. Indulge in those if you want an adrenaline rush, and savor the best of this beach paradise.

4. Explore the pristine countryside on the outskirts of Digha. Located at the Odisha-Bengal border, Digha's countryside offer you an amalgamated culture and lifestyle which is worth experiencing. So, get your backpack and get-set-go. The best hotels in Digha offer you information on such adventurous journeys and escapades. 

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