What to Buy from Digha

03/02/2015 3 Comments

Located in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal, right at the Bengal-Odisha border, Digha is an old beach town where people from Odisha and Bengal have been frequenting since years now. Its natural rustic charm along with the vivid and picturesque backdrop of the Bay of Bengal is surely going to replenish and rejuvenate you. Going to Digha is like a therapy more than anything else, and any person from Bengal who has been there would vouch for it. However, what is a therapy if there's no shopping involved? Yes; if you're a shopaholic, then this article is the perfect one for you as it guides you on what to buy and what not from this place. Here you go- -

1. The first thing which you must make a point to buy is the table mats made of bamboo sticks. These pronounce a rustic Bengali charm and are as beautiful as they are sophisticated. Available in colorful borders and designs, get one of these for yourself and also for you near and dear ones; don't forget to bargain!

2. Yea, Digha is a beach town but that doesn't mean you will get the best of pearls here. So, stop yourself from buying these pearls as most of them are unreal, and the "cultured" ones come from Hyderabad. You may ask the Digha hotels to provide you with full details

3. Curios and handicrafts made of seashells and bamboos are the best things you may get from here. They look great and may be used as great gifts too! The resorts in Digha have proper curio shops too.

4. Don't forget to buy cashew nuts when you're in Digha. Thanks to the acres of cashew plantations in this area, you get them dirt cheap here. However, always look before you buy as you may find some rotten pieces if you don't check them properly. And, yes; enquire about the right price from your family hotel in Digha.

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