How to Find the Best Child-Friendly Family Hotel in Digha?

26/11/2015 0 Comments

If you are planning to go on a family trip to Digha with kids in tow, you need to consider the needs of your kids and book a child-friendly family hotel in Digha. Many parents fail to consider the requirements of their children and face inconvenience and discomforts during their trip. Although Digha is one of the best-known seaside cities in India, very few hotels in the place actually offer kid-friendly services. Naturally, while booking any of the Digha hotels, you should make sure that offers facilities and care, especially for kids. Look for the availability of the following in the accommodation that you plan to book.  

Amusement Facilities:
Such types of facilities comprise of leisurely activities, such as planned activities, especially targeted towards children. You can find isolated swimming pools for kids as well as playgrounds and gaming arcades with games categorized according to the age of children. You should try to book rooms in best hotel in Dighaclose to a small playground or a lovely park where your kids can play. With options for fun and entertainment, you can make your kid happy and beaming and love the trip even more.

Babysitting Facilities:  
Some resorts in Digha also offer babysitting facilities which are completely dependable and safe, and you can attend to important tasks, go for shopping or even spend some quality time with your spouse safe with the knowledge that your toddler is being taken care of. These accommodations have playrooms and nurseries for smaller kids where professional babysitters stay with your child at every step and keep him/her happily engaged.

Kid-friendly services:
During Digha hotel booking, look for hotels which offer child-friendly services such as room service with hot water for sterilizing bottles, 24-hour security staff and child-lock facility on TV. Your kid can watch cartoons on TV without moving over to adult content on other channels, which would be locked. Many hotels are located close to child recreation centers and theme parks which are kid-friendly in nature.

Non-smoking room:
While booking a hotel in Digha, you should request any of the non-smoking rooms. These have carpets and pillow covers free from the strong smell of tobacco. A non-smoking room is perfect if you wish to keep your one free from allergies, bouts of colds or asthma attacks.

Child safety measures:
Book hotels in new Digha that come with safety measures considered especially for children. Each floor needs to have rooms with fire exit plans and fire extinguishers. Take a look and find whether the sockets on electrical boards have plug guards on them and if the cabinets come with plastic locks that prevent accidental locking in of kids. In case you cannot find such things, you can check with the front desk and get information about the same. Ensure that there are facilities to keep flammable material, lighters and free matches out of the reach of your kids. Do not go for an accommodation without such things, only to save some money with a budget hotel in Digha

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