Beaches Near Digha: At A Glance

23/12/2014 0 Comments

Are you going to visit Digha for the first time ever? Or, have you been to Digha quite many times but it's for the first time ever that you wish to explore the other quaint beaches surrounding the area apart from the Digha sea beach? If it's a yes to any of the above, then this article is the perfect one for you for it highlights specifically on those virgin beaches and areas near Digha which any person would simply fall in love with. Read on to know more-

1. Talsari

Located in Odisha, Talsari offers you a pristine locale with beaches lined with palm and coconut trees. It's an ideal place to just sit quietly and watch the sunset or sunrise. And, if you're with your special someone, then there cannot be any beach more romantic than this. You may ask any budget hotels in Digha to provide you with more information regarding this place for the play of tides is very important to understand in order to get to this place.

2. Tajpur

One of the "newest" beach gateways in West Bengal, Tajpur provides you with yet another mesmerizing view of the Bay of Bengal overlooked by vast acres of sandy beach which is in turn lined by dense forests. It's a pleasure for any nature lover and adventure freaks. You may book your transportation from one of the innumerable hotels in Digha.

3. Mandarmani

Although not really a "virgin" beauty anymore, this place is still a lot less crowded than Digha, and you surely won't mind a night stay or a day trip to this place. Its vast stretch of sandy beach is something to look out for. You will get innumerable resorts here just like the resorts in Digha.

4. Shankarpur

It's a beach for the fishermen, and owing to the quick sand in this area, bathing is simply impossible. But if you want to spend a quiet evening watching the sunset, this is surely the place to be.

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