5 Tips to Book Budget Hotels in Digha

29/12/2015 0 Comments

Situated on the shore of Bay of Bengal, Digha is a very famous beach resort in West Bengal. For people living in the city of Kolkata, it serves as a perfect getaway. The popularity of the place also attracts people from abroad, who like to spend time cavorting on the sandy beaches and soaking in its beauty. The place is divided into two beaches, Old Digha and New Digha. The place has a wide variety of hotels, resorts and guest houses. If you are trying to book a family hotel in Digha at cheap rates, the following 5 tips can be useful.

Make online bookings: Although making direct booking through any of the local travel agencies can get the job done, you will not be able to compare hotel rates and have to end up paying higher fees. With online bookings, you can check the rates of different hotels and resorts in Digha and choose one which offers the best features against the most competitive rates. With the internet, you can also check photos of the rooms, services and facilities on offer, proximity to the sea and other important details.

Look for special promotions:  While looking for the best hotel in Digha, you should go for one that offers special promotions. Promotional offers might be in the form of discounts for first 50 customers, special periods of rebates, and discounted deals for honeymooners or families etc. With these promos, you will be able to avail a lot of discounts on the actual rates.

Make off-peak season hotel bookings:  The October - March period is the peak tourist season here, and the shoulder season from November - March is chilly, while April  - June is hot and July - August is monsoon. Making off-peak season Digha hotel booking can also allow you to save a lot of money. As compared to peak season bookings, when there is huge rush of people to Digha, you can save significantly with off-peak season bookings. With proper scheduling of your vacation, you will get the opportunity to save a lot on airfares and hotel bookings. Getting budget hotel in Digha is also possible with booking on weekdays rather than weekends when the place is thronged by thousands of local tourists, leading to a rise in hotel rates.

Make group bookings:  If your extended family and friend circle is also interested in a vacation, you can take them along and save a lot of money. With booking of hotel in Digha for a large group, you will be able to get rooms at the lowest rates for yourself.

Look for free services:  While booking hotels in new Digha, check the availability of complementary services along with the room rates. In some cases, excellent complementary services like gyms, free spa or free meals compensate extra payments for room bookings. These services cost high otherwise, and availing them can make your stay at Digha more joyful. While booking any of the Digha hotels, make sure that you are offered free services even if no discounts are being offered. 

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