5 Things to Check While Booking Hotels in New Digha

29/12/2015 0 Comments

Digha is undoubtedly the Goa of West Bengal, and attracts thousands of tourists from around and abroad. Every year, this beach resort sees millions of people thronging its sandy sea-shores and enjoying the sights and sounds of the place. With so many hotels, resorts and guest houses available in this place, getting a temporary accommodation for travelers is hardly a problem. However, if you are looking for the best hotel in Digha, here are 5 things that you need to check while booking your rooms.  

Proximity to the sea:
Check whether the budget hotel in Digha is situated close to the sea. The view of the sun rising and setting on the salty Bay of Bengal waters at the Digha sea beach is one of the most aesthetic ones. You can also check when there is low tide, and go for a bath or swim with your family. Bathing is recommended only at the time of low tide, when there is no problem of sea erosion. Being near to the sea can allow you to have amazing views of the sea and choose your time for bathing.

Facilities offered:
You should check whether or not there are all the basic facilities in place, such as telephone, Cable TV, attached bathroom, Wi-Fi internet, concierge services etc. If you intend to go for deluxe rooms in the hotel in Digha you are booking, it is important to ensure the availability of all the essential services. Make sure that the essential facilities you cannot do without are there. Most hotels have their official websites these days, where you can get complete info about services and facilities.

Hotel trips:
It can be useful for you to book hotels in new Digha that take tourists on visits to the nearest attractions such as Chandaneshwar Temple, Talshari Beach, Tajpur Beach, Sankarpkur Beach, Mandarmani Beach, Udaipur Beach and Amarabati Park. You have to pay a little extra for the trips, but the safety, joy and convenience will be higher. Many of the hotels have their own buses and cars to facilitate the transportation of customers.

: Make sure that you are offered discounts at the time of Digha hotel booking. Lots of Digha hotels offer plum discounts, especially during shoulder seasons or non-peak seasons. The crowd rush is much lower at these times, and you can get a lot of discounted quotes as well as promotional offers. Although the weather can be slightly inconvenient, you will get the chance to visit the place without putting your pockets under duress.

Feedbacks and Reviews:
Lastly, you should also make it a point to go through reviews and feedbacks on the family hotel in Digha that you are planning to book. Keep in mind that most online reviews on hotels and resorts in Digha are posted by actual customers who have stayed and experienced the services first-hand. You can get a fair idea about the services and rates to expect from these reviews and make an informed decision about whether or not to go for a specific accommodation. 

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